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Hello, Paw-some Furbaby Parents!
I’m so glad you found my site and hope I can help you raise a well-adjusted well-behaved balanced, healthy & happy dog! I offer a number of services & products from private one-on-one in-person sessions, online training & courses to essential everyday products, designed to help you and your dogs be pals 4 life!

Michelle Black

Founder & Professional Dog Trainer

Ozzi-Pets Services

Professional science-based training

We specialise in early and late puppy training because we know the importance of a good start in a dog’s life!
More often than not, puppy training is more about training you, the human, than it is about training the puppy!
If we don’t teach puppies what is required, how will they know??  In their natural environment, the family/pack would teach pups what is appropriate and what is not, but in our homes, they rely on us to do that.
That is why we have designed our custom Pals 4 Life Puppy Program, and are specialists in all things pups!

Online Training & Courses

Today online learning and services are becoming the new norm, that is why we not only off in-person training but also online one-on-one training as well as self-paced online courses.

Online Pet Supplies

Your dog’s needs are important to us, that is why we have partnered with some of Australia and the world’s most trusted suppliers to bring you all the products your pets need to live a happy, enriched, and healthy life!

Why Puppy Training Is A MUST For ALL Dogs!

The sad truth is that over 250,000 healthy cats and dogs are put down each and every year in Australia!

The RSPCA Australia National Statistics 2019-2020, reports that the main reason the RSPCA Society euthanised otherwise healthy dogs was due to behavioural problems. In fact, 69% of dogs that the RSPCA killed during the 2019-2020 financial year were killed purely due to behavioural issues! And those numbers are only for the RSPCA, it does not include other pounds, vets, or the other dogs that were dumped or worse by their owners!

To raise a well-mannered, well-behaved, and well-balanced dog, training needs to begin the minute you bring that cute little furry baby home! Raising a puppy and caring for a dog is a big responsibility, it is not unlike raising a human child and just like raising a child, we all need help at times!

Thankfully, that is where I come in! I specialise in getting you and your furry baby off to the best start possible so that you may have many years of love and fun together! 

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Pet Resources

BEFORE You Get Your Puppy by Dr Ian Dunbar

In this free booklet, world-renowned Dr. Dunbar outlines common, predictable puppy problems, information about puppy development, suggestions for dog-friendly preventative measures & solutions, emphasizing the overwhelming importance of early socialization, confinement, prevention, and lure/reward training techniques.

AFTER You Get Your Puppy by Dr Ian Dunbar

In this free booklet, world-renowned Dr. Dunbar focuses on your puppy’s next three developmental deadlines during the first three months your puppy is at home. Help and guidance at this stage will have a profound and everlasting effect that will enrich the dog-human relationship for many years to come.

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